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Things to know before having your car repaired.

1. Your car is the second largest investment you are likely to make. Preserve its value and safety by having it repaired professionally.
2. Never drive a car that could be unsafe because of damaged parts, broken glass or missing and broken lights.
3. You are not required by law to obtain more than one estimate or damage appraisal
4. You have the right to have your car repaired at the shop of your choice. Your insurance company CAN-NOT require you to go to a particular shop.
5. Differences in repair estimates are common. A lower estimate may not include all necessary parts and procedures to properly repair your car. If you are not sure why one estimate is different from another you’ve received, please ask us.
6. Select a shop that has properly trained technicians and has modern repair equipment.
7. Ask what types of parts will be used to repair your car.
8. Ask what the warranty is on the repairs. Remember, your insurance company does not guarantee repairs, no matter what they say.
9. Be fair and honest with your insurance company and the shop you select to repair your car.
10. Ask what type of payment will be required upon completion of repairs.




(920) 468-6976
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